L915 Series 06
Manual 25522-06

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Series A6 and
Supplement 29376

Contents Page

Lift Terminology
Lift Terminology Illustration 2
Introduction 3
Direction 3
Lift Components 3

Lift Installation
Installation/Service Safety Precautions 4,5
Pre-Installation Notes 6,7

Lift Installation Instructions
Installation Parts and Tools Required 8
Overall Lift Installation Instructions 9
Lift Positioning 10-12
Lift Securement 13-16
Power Cable and Ground Cable Installation 17,18
Circuit Sentry Installation and Power Connection 19
Control Box and Harness Installation 20,21
Test Lift Operation 22
Positioning and Clearance Checklist 22,23
Decal Application 24
Passenger's Seat 24
Owner's Manual 24

Roll Stop Adjustment Instructions 25
Platform Angle Adjustment Instructions 26,27
Quiet-Ride Adjustment Instructions 28,29

Maintenance and Lubrication
Lubrication Diagram and Chart 30
Maintenance and Lubrication Schedule 31-33

Systems Descriptions
General Operation 34
Electrical 34-37
Microswitches 36,37
Floor Level Guideline Adjustments 38,39
Hydraulics 40-43

Troubleshooting Diagnosis Chart 44-48
Lift Interlock Installation 49
Lift Electrical Schematic 50
Lift Wiring Diagram 51
18 Guage Lift Control Box Electrical Schematic 52
18 Guage Lift Control Box Wiring Diagram 52

Hydraulics Schematic 53
Rear Pump Hydraulics Parts List 54
Rear Pump Hydraulics Diagram 55
Front Pump Hydraulics Parts List 56
Front Pump Hydraulics Diagram 57

Repair Parts
Pump Modules
Rear Pump Module Parts List 58
Rear Pump Module Diagram 59
Front Pump Module Parts List 60
Front Pump Module Diagram 61
Lift Exploded Views

42" Floor-To-Ground Automatic Inboard Roll Stop IB Lift Models (L915IB, L915FIB, L918IB, and
L 918FIB)


48" Floor-To-Ground Automatic Inboard Roll Stop IB Lift Models (L916IB, L916FIB, L917IB, and
L 917FIB)


42" Floor-To-Ground Fixed Inboard Roll Stop Non-IB Lift Models (L915, L915F, L918, and L 918F)


48" Floor-To-Ground Fixed Inboard Roll Stop Non-IB Lift Models (L916, L916F, L917, and L 917F)


Decals and Antiskid 70-73

Specifications and Dimensions
Lift Specifications 74,75
Lift Dimensions 76,77

Warranty and Registration Policy 78

Return Authorization Procedure 78

Daily Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Lift Installation Checklist

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